Posted by: Bruno | September 10, 2008

Welcome to Chrome Nation

It has occured to me that at some point, there only could be two web browsers, one I wouldn’t use and one I would. For as long as I use the web, I used both of them a fairly great amount of times, and went through the highs and lows of each of them. I started on the crappiest and finished with something I thought was the greatest thing to ever grace the web populace.

If you didn’t already caught up, I’m talking about Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Yes, those two browsers. I couldn’t care less about what they were doing under the hood, all I wanted is something that was fast and easy to navigate with, Firefox offered both while Internet Explorer was destroying those criterias with an angry iron fist of proprietary monopoly.

But then I started to study to be a web integrator/developper at school, then again, I went with my ideals and once again Firefox ruled supreme in my preference on what it was doing under the hood. At that time, Internet Explorer was only a piece of obsolete trash that couldn’t do more than just impose Microsoft way to do and view the web.

Even at work right now, Firefox is the best option I’ll tought I would ever need, add-ons, constant updates, support, community, this thing had it all… Until last week…

As I browsed my favorite news site, I read that Google planned something… Something so vile and devious, it would destroy my view of the internet once again. That thing would make the web wars lead by two giants and even more awestruck and tedious fight. That war machine was called… Chrome.

At first, I laughed at the news, how does a company who has little software developping experience could actually kill the stagnant rock and his collegue the flaming fox? Who does Google thing they are…

Then it arrived on my desktop, I opened the machine to see what it could do… And it was simply, to my great suprise, shear amazement of how the product was incredible and how what’s under the hood now makes a serious difference on how a browser can and cannot do.

Google Chrome is a behemot lashed at the war, a machine so finely tuned that even in beta, it already destroys the competition. Google event taunts his competitor to take apart their browser and integrate their features in their machine, because they use the highly markettable way to go open-source.

I expect that everybody will bow down to Chrome, in a way or another, by taking a piece of their code and replace it by the newest thing from Google. For we are now in Chrome Nation.


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