Posted by: Bruno | September 16, 2008

Against the titans

It’s not easy to see that for some reason, when you undertake a project, there’s more than two or three implications to the whole making of that project. Whenever I wish the problem to be simple, I open the door of my office to see that, outside, there’s a guy about as high as a 50 story building waiting to be taken on.

That’s exactly how I felt twice during one day. The first time, it was work related. I wasn’t worried much about that titan, I saw it coming, but once I started giving the thing strikes and start my “holy” war against it, the titan rebels and start being less of a docile thing. It wavers, unravels unpleasant suprise once, then a second time and then it litterally starts raining crushing blows to you. That’s how I felt at work.

Then, coming back to my safe haven, my house, I start analysing my work-in-progress of a website… Once layed on a damned paper, I see that something I considered so small has became something so horribly huge, it’s horrifying, it’s mortifying. Another titan appeared but this one, not so docile, already knocked me off  of my advance and brought me back to my strategy table to scribe it’s downfall once again.

Websites. Unreal titans that require more than a coding sword and a shield, they requires time and strategy, thoughts and planification. They’re fiends with unquenchable thirst for you vitality.


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