Posted by: Bruno | September 19, 2008

Public Transportation

Let me put something crystal clear: I hate public transportation.

Whenever I go somewhere into the glorious metropolis, I am stuck taking the public transportation system. Not by environmental concern or by good will. Yes it’s by choice of simply not sinking money in a car. I still simply despise it. Not because it’s the transportation method, simply because of the word public and every single thing that comes with it.

But I do not wish to flood you with my diatribes of hatred and rage, I’ll simply formalize it into a neat list.


  • Amazing as it is, people does not seem to notice that deodoriser or a damned SOAP exist
  • Whenever I forget my mental immunity armor against sound, babies around the world seems to be in consertation to start kicking and screaming when I’m in a 10ft radius of them.
  • The 67 Saint-Michel line doesn’t cease to amaze me how much people use that bus line… ALWAYS impossibly full.
  • The ancients don’t really bother me, except when they travel during rush hour and slow the bus down
  • The fright of going to the back of the bus, I can confirm there is no monster waiting to eat you or thugs waiting to beat the living out of you.
  • Woman having a Cadilac for a baby-stroller… Large and takes most of the buss space…

That should be it… There are, of course, several ways to regulate to those problems and I’m well aware of that, but to be frank, I know that these problems will never solve because while the general transportation idea is great, carrying people who don’t seem to have a brain is not.


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