Posted by: Bruno | October 20, 2008

Blizzcon in a nutshell

So a week as gone and so has my Blizzcon adventure.

No live feed like I’d hope I’d do, no impression, nothing. I partly blame this on the fact that I was extremely busy trying the new WoW patch preparing everybody for Wrath of The Lich King and the lack of wireless network on the event also made me rage.

I should, by no doubt, do some indepth thing but… that’s not going to happen! Instead, the magical bullet list will fill in for my lack of writing skills and I kind off not want to write as much as I would about this event.

  • Plane trips are fun when you go off the ground but when your going down, the PAIN in the ears is litterally unbearable, true story.
  • Blizzcon is huge, very huge.
  • The fact that we had to wait 4 hours for each of the demo litterally turned me off them and I basicly wandered around and took photos. I did assist to the conference held, because I was there for the conference, not the 15 min playthrough of some game. But as I went through, at some time, Wrath of the Lich King demo kiosk was empty and went for a try. I didn’t went deep in the game, wanting to keep the gaming experience to when I would install the expension at home. Mater of fact, I spent more time talking with the kind Blizzard employee about knick-knacks of the upcoming expension and not play the game. All I know is that even an epic flying mount can’t save you from long flight time.
  • Dun dun duuuun Starcraft II is know a trilogy, at least, the trilogy itself won’t be necessary to play the multiplayer.
  • Dates? Nope, no dates on Blizzard’s Diablo III and Starcraft 2.
  • The new MMORPG from Blizzard is not named at the moment, it is not stated WHEN it will be out.
  • Included with the bear mount card was the beta key for Blizzard’s mystery game. YAY!
  • The goody bag included a hand sanitizer, which I found usefull yet I haven’t used it. I usually keep my hand clean and fanboy sweat free.
  • QQ n00b tissues where my favorite from the goody bag
  • I got a Murloc Plushie that goes Mgggrrrlgl when you press it’s chin
  • The LV80 Tauren Chieftain show was INSANELY good. Felt good to be horde.
  • Video Game Live travelling orchestra went and displayed how good they where by playing all the greatest songs from Blizzard game, and … Oh WAIT? Even the video game pianist came to do a Warcraft II Medley… Wow…
  • Disneyland California is a complete Rip-Off
  • Combos are snack/poison of the 21st century.

For photos of my adventure:

Now if you excuse me, I’ll go enjoy my paladin before they nerf the class (if you can call that a nerf)


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