Posted by: Bruno | November 17, 2008

MySpace ain’t mine.

I’ve been working on some project on the MySpace platform for some time now. If you don’t know what a MySpace is, probability are that you’re older than 20 years old or something. MySpace is simply the very first social network of it’s kind, bolstering everything from fashion to music, it has been a rocket for many artists to be known or for people to let out a shout about what they are. The site gives you the ability to have friends, leave comments on the page, even blog. It’s litteraly a swiss knife of it’s kind.

The only thing that is extremely reprmandable of the website is the chance to “customize” your “space” as you like. The tools given to work with this are fairly user friendly and are straight forward. Then come the professional having a job to customize the space. The interface has to be considered a CMS (Content Management System) that take litteraly what your write and puts it up on the website.

As of first, my experience went along with checking up the useable feature of the website and seeing if there was a way to make it quickly. As I scurried around, I noticed to things. MySpace tries to be like FaceBook by installing and monitoring applications that comes and go. Another thing, modules, are supprosed to be an easy way to rearrange your site on the fly. The only main problem going with that is that you have to go with MySpace‘s default modules. You cannot create, you can barely edit the modules. All you can actually do is go with what MySpace offers.

After looking and searching, I discovered that the only way to make MySpace show what YOU want is to litterally bypass what the website implemented in the HTML and the CSS. The “fairly easy” interface is now rendered completely useless and the difficulty grade of the task risen up a hundred fold. Unless you have Firebug handy and a lot of CSS skills, you cannot work a MySpace page as you want.

It as been a very frustrating yet enlighting experience to work with this kind of environment, thus pushing the site to the limit hoping the MySpace ban hammer wouldn’t fall on me while I was happily throwing a hammer in the fundations of the very webpage. As it goes, I was no pioneer and I’m not the first one to blame the “customizablity” of MySpace.

What I would like to see is the ability to create new modules for Myspace, the ability to be able to build application without being a developper of some sort and being able to have easy yet readable content on the webpage. For now, MySpace is NOT a viable platform to work with, simply because you have to tear it appart and build it over.


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