Posted by: Bruno | November 24, 2008

Throttle the north, gauge your clients.

For when I thought that this was only a myth, that’s the kind of thing that would only happen in the US, I thought about bandwith throttles that some ISP in the states places around without warnings. This malignous way for ISP to save money under a banner of legitimacy of "letting the global pool of users enjoy the same speed" is true bullsh*t. Oh, and I mean it.

I wouldn’t make a case of this kind of practice, I would be against, but not be litteraly having my knickers in a twist right now if it was only of a wonderful day last week when I discovered the terrible truth about my ISP.

They were throttling us.

I tried to bring myself to not see what I previously saw on many web site. But my ISP, Bell Canada, has been going on this thing for a good year before anyone would take notice. Of course, most of the time, I would blame my blasted wireless for anything related to speed issue. I changed my router, everything was fine. I started playing my games online, I simply noticed an unreal latency problem. Once again, I blamed the wireless. I could strike more than 30 kbps on BitTorrent, the wireless again. I had a guinea pig for everything speed related…

What made me raise an eyebrow is when I recently reformated my computer, I could download my drivers at around 700 kbps at 8pm, and weirdly enough, at the same hour, I would get a ping of 900 ms (which is slow as damn snail on a game) in World of Warcraft. Keep in mind I started playing with no download active on my computer or on my network of computers. Then the magical "Wait a minute" popped and investigated on that.

My wireless has been working fine, my internet is running on steroids, why can’t I play my game, have my ventrilo chat opened and not suffer hideous lag? The answer was that I was being throttled.

I won’t hide it, I download a lot of stuff when the time is needed. But whenever I know I’m near my download limit, I pull the plug and let the account cool down for a while until I can go at it again. What purges me is that I’m considered a bad downloader and get my speed cut off instead of being charged extra fees for my downloads. That’s just not saying everything on the contract.

Sadly for me, the restriction is only on peer-to-peer softwares, World of Warcraft and Ventrilo are sadly considered into that category.

I consider those business pratices to be falacious and illegal. The CRTC, the organism that monitors everything that is information related in Canada, saw something fishy too. Until the last judgement let them "reshape" their services as they go, without any warning from the company to the client.

I cannot say how much I am furious about such thing, all I know is that, as far as I’m concerned into this whole mess, Bell lost a potential client for their Internet Services.


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