Posted by: Bruno | January 16, 2009

End Game Content

For the past month I’ve been playing World of Warcraft with much attention, gathering minerals, cutting gems and building the wealth of the guild all together with friends, mostly farming.

There was, of course, the punctual raid that came along to see that our time to shine was right. We did perform extremely well through the Lich King’s Naxxramas with little hindrance, exception given to the server slowly dying due to the mass of people creating a new plague called Death Knights.

But as we went on, a slow lingering and bothersome feeling came to grow inside me. I am getting bored of it. The usual creation of an ALT (alternate character to what I ‘m use to play) is usually a sign that there is not much to be done anymore except start over with another character.

Though I am not calling quits just yet, since the looming patch 3.0.8 is coming with much awaited goodies such as modification to the paladin skills and the forbearance debuff and mining will only require a single tick. And soon enough, the new raid will appear, called Ulduar. I wonder how the elite guilds will react to this.

But I just wonder, after we went through this content, will this feeling of boredom will come back, and if it really does, will I quit?


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