Posted by: Bruno | February 9, 2009

Giving Conventions a Second Chance

So New York Comic-Con kicked in yet another season of convention of all sorts. You can observe that almost every states of the USA has one, big or small. Sadly enough, I cannot afford going to any of them. Especially the San Diego and the New York Comic-con.

Though, as I look at the Canadian and less-expensive-to-travel-to options, I am less than interested to go than the big Comic-Cons. Several reasons has pushed me to believe that these convention will irremediably suck. Just a feeling, I know. But when I looked at the horrendous line-up for Montreal own Anime/Comics conention, OTAKUTHON (Or whatever it is spelled like) of 2008, I was wondering if that thing was whort paying 45 dollars to go. Especially when the "invité d’honeur" is a somewhat celebrity of a scourge polluting YouTube, Animé Music Vidoes.

Let me transgress here and state what this guy had ultimately given me the fatal blow to my intelligence and made me turn back. I have, for a while, regarded AMV’s as a small threat to the world. Then the YouTube revolution started and the infection spread across the world. I regard AMV makers as pathetic excuses for film cutters. They use Adobe Premiere cut and paste, effects, to make something out of many bits of Animes, staples music they find fitting (which are most of the time, extremely bad music) and then goes around and bask at their glory. We could compare that kind of people to forum trolls. Most of the time, these horrible people dual-class being basement dwellers. So to have a troll as honored guest was for me, the final insult, I’d rather give 45 dollars to charity than nourrish the false hope of a social inapt.

But back to the topic, the vistas offered as convention are most of the time rather… Expensive. Anime North, for exemple, is the biggest and most probably, most interesting anime convention all around Canada, it happens in Toronto, not too far from Montreal and includes billions of interesting people, celebrities and reknown artists. Problem is, lodging in Canada’s Metropolis is extremely rough and expensive, especially during convention times. I can tell, I went to Blizzcon which litterally sold out Anaheim for the week-end.

So yes, you might think that I will not go to a convention this year. That I will keep on bitching on how we lack real stuff here in Quebec. But then again, I’m thinking about Otakuthon a second whirl. I hope and seriously hope that their line-up for this year will be good and that the panels will be actually worth it.

But y’know, you can make pigs fly with hopes…


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