Posted by: Bruno | March 25, 2009

A final trip to Ulduar?

It has been a while since I did something on this. Wheter I’ve been very occupied with many things and projects or I was just plain lazy about it.

The new World of Warcraft content patch is coming along quite soon. I’ve been looking at the changes made to the paladins for quite a while and all I could see that required me to do an uproar is the fact that some of the class main features got base lined, some of the mechanics got simplified and in general, I do not quite know what to think of these changes. I’ve always played on the retribution side of things with Sérafin and some of the problems I see is the PVE viability dwindling once again due to issues related to PVP. The items in Ulduar looks great and have the much needed improvement from the lackluster Tier 7.5 said bonus.

They seem to emphasize onto many stats which my character has no relation on but they seem to do some important theorycrafting. Whatnot, trying to make stuff they implemented not too long ago interesting to everybody. Another thing, I am worried wheter this game will offer something that is enough Mind Blowing to make me play the game once again. So far, Wrath of the Lich King brought the much needed makeover and the much less final fantasy-ish look to the game and a more gritty and medieval look. It has brought magic for… 10 levels and poof, back to the end game yadi yappin.

It’s not that I do not consider the fact that they are working their asses off to feed content to 10 million players, but the fact that this content is mind boggingly easy to do, I do not consider it interesting nor fun. After my what should be 10th full clear of the Naxxramas 25-man instance, I consider that they should tune the encounters so that at some point, we should have fun playing this game. I’m tired of doing daily quests. Where’s the lore? Where’s the insanity of Anqiraj envents? All I see is none of that in WotLK.

Wheter Blizzard takes a hints that we are tired of easy stuff to do and would like to feel some kind of challenge or that Ulduar delivers the much needed magic WotLK promised, this should be my final trip into Blizzard’s MMO.


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