Posted by: Bruno | April 30, 2009

The great Ulduar Cavalcade

So it’s been roughly 3 weeks since patch 3.1 came out with his breaking changes and the new content.More consequently, the new encounters were what we awaited, some were extremely disapointed that they wouldn’t be able to pug their way to the road toward free loot like Naxxramas was. Too bad for them.

Ulduar WAS one of the genuine hard instance follow up to the raids of the Eye of Eternity, The Obsidian Sanctum and the necropolis Naxxramas. Some may say that Blizzard WAS trying to weed out the more casual crowd from the hardcore with this follow up. Sadly, everybody was dreadfully mistaken.

Me and my guild, Kraklenheit Industries, have tried Ulduar on it’s day of release and we said “Wow, this IS hard.”. Three weeks later, the first four boss of the raid feels a bit like Naxxramas boss, kill, collect your stuff, moving on. Why has this terrible and disapointing feeling has came back so suddenly? Why has Ulduar became some sort of Naxxramas 2?

People complained the instance was too hard. That is why.

While checking the different things reported at MMO-Champion, a lot of blue posts are stating that they are changing the encounters difficulty to let more players see the incredible content of Ulduar. While I agree that at some point, Blizzard need a good business model to rentabilize a FREE content patch by making player access content, it saddens me to see that they are opening the flood gates for all the retards that are stucks in Naxxramas way of thinking. That is, “OMG DEEPEE ESS BLARARARARA AOE ‘N SHIZZLE” etc.

At some point, I was glad that the single fact that the whole Trash in Ulduar was enough to wipe a party, not because of a single mis-hap, but because they are genuinely hard. Some difficulty issues related with bugs, such as the Magma Ragers tornadoes that could do a push back just by looking at it was correct to adress too. But event there, they lowered HP of some of the trash, lowered their potency to hand our asses to us. In other word, they became just as easy as Naxx trash.

I want fight where sacrificing DPS to help the survivability of the raid, where you have to be smarter than the average Joe to get through something. Not this easy bullshit. I am well aware there are hard mode. But I find it sad that it seems the real hard fights are the one you have to ad optional dangers to have a real challenge through.



  1. To be honest if more people just tried an instance/raid in how it is intented i.e no looking up ‘tactics’ etc they would find it is a slightly different ball game. This ‘content is too easy’ is slightly baffling. Perhaps blizzard should make bosses have random moves/powers which are picked at random and are unknown to raiders when they begin so that tactics cannot be used.
    Thats just my opinion and people will no doubt disagree

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