Posted by: Bruno | October 3, 2008

The path to Blizzcon

In exactly a week, at this time, I’ll be in a plane going to what I consider my greatest folly as is right now, Blizzcon.

Folly? Yes because I never took a plane, I never went so deep into Uncle Sam’s empire, I never even thought of going to Blizzcon until I saw the announcement and told myself I WILL go.

The path to go there was very gruelling and not a pleasant one, I stumbled upon many obstacle to get the trip going. The greatest of all, was to actually get the tickets to go to that damned convention. The side unexpectedly borked after a flood of millions wanted to buy their tickets at the same time. The next day, I was finally able to take my tickets for grab, ahead of millions who where rushing in to grasp a chance to go to the convention. It was simply sheer luck.

Once obtained, getting the hotel (which was also my first time organizing such trick) and plane booking was a total sinch, we struck a good deal in a good hotel simply a block away from the Anaheim convention center, I couldn’t be more happy.

But the wall, the monster of all problem, came in my face. I needed a passport. A task that, for some, is easily done, I couldn’t go through the process right away. First of, getting offical ids, mine were expired for a good two years. I don’t have a driver’s liscence and I didn’t renew my Health Insurance card. I had to go all the way to getting that piece of plastic which munched a good two weeks of my precious time and I thought I’d be good to go.

Once again I was quite wrong on the subject. Another thing I needed is a proof that I was born in Canada. I asked my mother for the magical paper only to be informed it was “lost” somewhere. I had to wait another week to get the paper and then I was able to obtain the key to enter the Uncle Sam empire.

We’re at one week of Blizzcon and I didn’t get the passport, supposedly I need to get it in person by the eight of this month, two days before going…

It was rough but the path to Blizzcon is finally opened.

Posted by: Bruno | September 19, 2008

Public Transportation

Let me put something crystal clear: I hate public transportation.

Whenever I go somewhere into the glorious metropolis, I am stuck taking the public transportation system. Not by environmental concern or by good will. Yes it’s by choice of simply not sinking money in a car. I still simply despise it. Not because it’s the transportation method, simply because of the word public and every single thing that comes with it.

But I do not wish to flood you with my diatribes of hatred and rage, I’ll simply formalize it into a neat list.


  • Amazing as it is, people does not seem to notice that deodoriser or a damned SOAP exist
  • Whenever I forget my mental immunity armor against sound, babies around the world seems to be in consertation to start kicking and screaming when I’m in a 10ft radius of them.
  • The 67 Saint-Michel line doesn’t cease to amaze me how much people use that bus line… ALWAYS impossibly full.
  • The ancients don’t really bother me, except when they travel during rush hour and slow the bus down
  • The fright of going to the back of the bus, I can confirm there is no monster waiting to eat you or thugs waiting to beat the living out of you.
  • Woman having a Cadilac for a baby-stroller… Large and takes most of the buss space…

That should be it… There are, of course, several ways to regulate to those problems and I’m well aware of that, but to be frank, I know that these problems will never solve because while the general transportation idea is great, carrying people who don’t seem to have a brain is not.

Posted by: Bruno | September 16, 2008

Against the titans

It’s not easy to see that for some reason, when you undertake a project, there’s more than two or three implications to the whole making of that project. Whenever I wish the problem to be simple, I open the door of my office to see that, outside, there’s a guy about as high as a 50 story building waiting to be taken on.

That’s exactly how I felt twice during one day. The first time, it was work related. I wasn’t worried much about that titan, I saw it coming, but once I started giving the thing strikes and start my “holy” war against it, the titan rebels and start being less of a docile thing. It wavers, unravels unpleasant suprise once, then a second time and then it litterally starts raining crushing blows to you. That’s how I felt at work.

Then, coming back to my safe haven, my house, I start analysing my work-in-progress of a website… Once layed on a damned paper, I see that something I considered so small has became something so horribly huge, it’s horrifying, it’s mortifying. Another titan appeared but this one, not so docile, already knocked me off  of my advance and brought me back to my strategy table to scribe it’s downfall once again.

Websites. Unreal titans that require more than a coding sword and a shield, they requires time and strategy, thoughts and planification. They’re fiends with unquenchable thirst for you vitality.

Posted by: Bruno | September 10, 2008

Welcome to Chrome Nation

It has occured to me that at some point, there only could be two web browsers, one I wouldn’t use and one I would. For as long as I use the web, I used both of them a fairly great amount of times, and went through the highs and lows of each of them. I started on the crappiest and finished with something I thought was the greatest thing to ever grace the web populace.

If you didn’t already caught up, I’m talking about Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Yes, those two browsers. I couldn’t care less about what they were doing under the hood, all I wanted is something that was fast and easy to navigate with, Firefox offered both while Internet Explorer was destroying those criterias with an angry iron fist of proprietary monopoly.

But then I started to study to be a web integrator/developper at school, then again, I went with my ideals and once again Firefox ruled supreme in my preference on what it was doing under the hood. At that time, Internet Explorer was only a piece of obsolete trash that couldn’t do more than just impose Microsoft way to do and view the web.

Even at work right now, Firefox is the best option I’ll tought I would ever need, add-ons, constant updates, support, community, this thing had it all… Until last week…

As I browsed my favorite news site, I read that Google planned something… Something so vile and devious, it would destroy my view of the internet once again. That thing would make the web wars lead by two giants and even more awestruck and tedious fight. That war machine was called… Chrome.

At first, I laughed at the news, how does a company who has little software developping experience could actually kill the stagnant rock and his collegue the flaming fox? Who does Google thing they are…

Then it arrived on my desktop, I opened the machine to see what it could do… And it was simply, to my great suprise, shear amazement of how the product was incredible and how what’s under the hood now makes a serious difference on how a browser can and cannot do.

Google Chrome is a behemot lashed at the war, a machine so finely tuned that even in beta, it already destroys the competition. Google event taunts his competitor to take apart their browser and integrate their features in their machine, because they use the highly markettable way to go open-source.

I expect that everybody will bow down to Chrome, in a way or another, by taking a piece of their code and replace it by the newest thing from Google. For we are now in Chrome Nation.

Posted by: Bruno | September 10, 2008

The Workshop v.2.0

Even though that I have posted already on my former blog (as in yesterday morning) I couldn’t shake the feel that Blogger is not fully what I looked for a blog interface, as if, it was not totally what I seeked in a blog interface. It’s simple, but the visibility and the way to be known about is kinda scarce…

So I decided to take upon myself a better look around and try the famed WordPress. All I have to say is “So far, so good”.

More will come, but for now, this post will suffice as an introduction to my new blogging area.

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